#OpenEpic Twitter chat with Nate Otto (@ottonomy) Director of Technology @badgealliance - Monday August 22nd 9am PT (6pm CET)

Every two weeks on  ​Monday 9am Pacific Time (6pm CET) ePIC 2016 organises a 30 minutes Twitter chat to with experts to discuss questions that will be explored during the conference. Monday August 22nd, we have the pleasure to welcome Nate Otto (@ottonomy) Director of Technology at Badge Alliance who will share with us his work and reflections on the current and future evolutions of the Open Badge standards and ecosystem.

Questions to Nate Otto

  • Q1: What challenges do the current Open Badge standards and infrastructure face today?
  • Q2: How does the forthcoming 2.0 Open Badge Standard resolve those problems?
  • Q3: How will these changes help badge earners and ‘consumers’? What will they be able to do they couldn’t do before?
  • Q4: What are other ways that the Open Badge ecosystem could improve

During this session 4 questions will be submitted by the moderator: Q1-Q4.

Each question starts with the letter Q and answer with the letter A

When answering Question 1 (Q1), start your tweet with A1 (Answer 1) to show you're responding to Q1 and close it with the hashtage #openepic

Etiquette: during the chat, avoid/limit the use of the hashtags "#OpenBadges" and "#ePortfolios" (remove the "#") to avoid spamming!

One easy way to participate is to join us at http://www.tchat.io/rooms/openepic — once tchat.io is connected to your Twitter account, you can easily keep up with fast-paced discussions as it updates and refreshes in real time.

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