#OpenEpic Twitter chat with Dr Bernard Bull - Monday July 11th 9am PT (6pm CET)

Every two weeks on  ​Monday  9am Pacific Time  (6pm CET) ePIC 2016 organises a 30 minutes Twitter chat to with experts to discuss questions that will be explored during the conference. This Monday, we have the pleasure to welcome Bernard Bull (@bdean1000)  an educational leader and prolific author—c.f. http://etale.org/main/​.

To prepare the conversation, you are invited to read A Tale of Credentialed People in a Far Away Galaxy​ (wp.me/p2WRHF-33s) or what happened when a contingent of curious people traveled across the galaxy to meet a planet of credentialed people.

Questions to Bernard Bull

  • Q1. How could "micro-credentials" contribute to making learning more modular and accessible?
  • Q2. Are there risks associated to "micro-credentialising" every learning outcome?
  • Q0. The following questions refer to "A Tale of Credentialed People in a Far Away Galaxy​" (wp.me/p2WRHF-33s)
  • Q3. What impact could #OpenBadges have on the Credentialica galaxy?
  • Q4. What kind of #Open Badges could the inhabitants of Curioustica design?

During this session 4 questions will be submitted by the moderator: Q1-Q4.

Each question starts with the letter Q and answer with the letter A

When answering Question 1 (Q1), start your tweet with A1 (Answer 1) to show you're responding to Q1 and close it with the hashtage #openepic

Etiquette: during the chat, avoid/limit the use of the hashtags "#OpenBadges" and "#ePortfolios" (remove the "#") to avoid spamming!

One easy way to participate is to join us at http://www.tweetchat.com/room/openepic — once Tweechat is connected to your Twitter account, you can easily keep up with fast-paced discussions as it updates and refreshes in real time.

To know more on Twitter chats, here is a good articleTwitter Chats 101: A Step-by-Step Guide To Hosting or Joining a Twitter Chat